Vellore, India

Partner: Health Volunteer Overseas
Date: Recruitment is ongoing. Assignments are for two-four weeks. Contact Kim Rodgers, Volunteer Coordinator for additional information.
Program Cost: Low cost housing available at a cost of $4-15 per day.  Taxi transport from the airport in Chennai to Vellore is approximately $35-$40.   Volunteers are responsible for food and other personal costs.
Estimated Economy Airfare:$1,000-$1,500
Provider: Physical Therapist. Current license to practice (active or retired); 2 years clinical experience; prior teaching experience preferred

About the country: India is the world’s second most populous nation with over a billion people, approximately 80% of whom live in rural areas. India remains one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world. Apart from its many religions and sects, India is home to innumerable castes and tribes, as well as to more than a dozen major and hundreds of minor linguistic groups from several language families unrelated to one another. Vellore is located approximately four hours from Chennai.

About Health Volunteers Overseas: Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO) is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the availability and quality of health care through the education, training and professional development of the health workforce in resource-scarce countries.  HVO’s model combines a unique, innovative volunteer structure to deliver health training and education with a collaborative partnership philosophy leading to sustained and measurable improvements. In 2018, HVO managed 101 projects in 18 different clinical specialties training more than 3,000 health care providers in more than 20 resource-scarce countries.

Additional physical therapy training opportunities are available in Bhutan, Malawi, Rwanda, St. Lucia and Vietnam.  Training opportunities are also available in the following specialties: anesthesia, dermatology, emergency medicine, hand surgery, hand therapy, hematology, internal medicine, mental health, nursing education, obstetrics and gynecology, oncology, oral health, orthopedics, pediatrics, and wound and lymphedema. Visit HVO at to learn more.

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